British Rail 4TC in BR Blue and Grey Livery – COMING SOON



The British Rail 4TC (4 Coach Trailer Control) was introduced in 1966 primarily for the London Waterloo to Weymouth Line. This line was only electrified between Waterloo and Bournemouth. At Waterloo, the train typically consisted of two 4TC units with a powered 4REP unit at the rear ‘pushing’ the non-powered 4TCs as far as Bournemouth. Here the 4REP was uncoupled and a Diesel Class 33/1 was coupled to the front of the 4TC to ‘pull’ the train to Weymouth. The reverse happened on the return journey.The 4TC was used on the Weymouth Boat Train service where the route between the main line and the quay was via the streets on Weymouth. the train had to be led by a man with a flag and, frequently, parked cars had to be moved out of the way. The 4TC remained in service until 1989 and two complete units and various single coaches have been preserved.

The kit contains 104 parts to make 4 coaches including two DTS (Driving Trailer Second), one TBSK (Trailer Brake Second), and one TFK (Trailer First Corridor) in British Rail Blue and Grey livery at a scale of 1:304.8. the kit includes the choice to make either a general service train, or service 90 – Weymouth Quay, or 91 – Weymouth Fast, or 92 – Weymouth Semi-fast, or 93 – Weymouth Slow.